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Apartment in the historic center of Marsala

We have an apartment for short-term rentals during the summer, located in the historic center of Marsala.

In addition to being called the city of wine Marsala has been in its history a very flourishing city; port of docking and refreshment for countless populations (Punici, Romani, Arabi, Normanni).
Marsala offers the visitor countless attractions and entertainment.
You can indulge in the history of the city, seek relaxation in our beaches by the sea, make trekking excursions in the nearby countryside, take advantage of the many spots to do kite-surfing courses or dedicate yourself to the tasting of wines and typical dishes.

Hints of History on Marsala

Although not a metropolis, Marsala offers the visitor many ideas on which to rest the eye and interest.
Marsala, thanks to its strategic position in the center of the Mediterranean, has always been in history a rich and flourishing city for the conquerors of the past.
The flourishing history of Marsala begins with the Carthaginians who used Mothia and Marsala as a commercial hub for their ships.
Mothia became so important and so coveted that he tempted the Greeks to attack and destroy it.
Its inhabitants took refuge on the coast, on that promontory that stood before their island. and was born Lilybeo (Marsala).
The city remained Carthaginian until the clash with the Romans.
Lilybeo was then a very important city because it was well fortified and surrounded by a sea with very difficult bottoms for those who were not practical. The Romans had to besiege her for ten years before being able to conquer it.
After a difficult period of vandalism looting, the city experienced a period of great splendor when the Arabs arrived in Sicily. People of great intelligence who knew how to resurrect the city with the new name of Marsa Ali (Port of Ali) or Marsa Allah (Port of Allah), in honor of its important port.
After the Arabs Marsala was prey of Svevi, Normanni, Angioini and Aragonesi. The most recent history is that of Garibaldi and the Thousand who disembarking at Marsala gave way to the unification of Italy.